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Saturday, July 20, 2013

AZIZAA: The Diva From Ghana Who's Taking Over USA


AZIZAA is not just unique artist, her well crafted soul brewed music allows you to explore her heart, mind and soul.

                Azizaa's music is a soulful blend of various genres. Her unique style of Afro Pop puts her in a class of her own, proudly showcasing her African connection to the Western world.
Barely 5ft 3in with a powerful yet sultry voice, her delivery tends to be captivating and hypnotic, her music can take you through many emotional transitions within the length of one song.

In Spain Azizaa has been compared to the Great Miriam Makeba and the Legend Nina Simone. 
Azizaa has opened for renowned artists such as Rick Ross, Buju Banton, Fabolous, Beenie Man, and Ghanaian Highlife Legend Ebo Talyor only to mention a few.

She calls her unique blend of music "a bridge (for a gap) that brings together the old and the new, the ancient and the modern, the past and the present, the young and the old, even the present and the Future".

Azizaa has a very commanding stage presence, full of mysticism and excitement. Anyone who has attended her live performances can attest to the fact that her presence on stage, along with her vibrant band is as much a visual spectacle as it is musical. Known to wear brightly colored traditional make-up designs and outfits on stage, Azizaa, with her band in the background project various musical and visual vibrations.

Her latest single Gade Funamo (Leave Me Alone) was released in Jan. 2013 is available in Major Digital stores. She’s currently working on her album “VODUA” set to release late 2013.  Her second single is also to be released in the next few months.

Azizaa appeared on the JamRock show with Parlos Jenkins on Net2 Tv, the Sunrise morning show on Tv3, Jon Germain on Metro Tv’s “Allo Tigo” just to mention a few while touring Ghana in 2011.
In 2012 she toured the Canary Islands and and appeared on the News segment for an interview with InsideTheMoskitoNet’s Irene Sanfiel Arriaga


"Azizaa performs her psycho-tropic myth music in the stands –Indie Fuse Trailer

“Azizaa is full of surpises, her vocal range is beyond this world  -Ms Naa YFM

         "Azizaa brought her Afrobeat brew for us all to sip, flipping Ewe folk songs into pop reggae funk punk chants ~Accra[dot]Alt

                       "This is an artist the world has been waiting on" ~Rise Magazine





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